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First incarnation of ...Ink on paper 2008

Magazine Illustration. 1952. Pencil on trombone.

Financial Times illustration. Pencil on paper 2010

Wedding invite. 2010.

Into the Forest. Part 3. Pencil on Paper 2010.

Rebel Creator CD design finalised. 2010.

Drawing for the Flood. Working design. 2010

Tumbler. 2010.

Exhibition 2010.

A Carolina and Celyn fest 2010!

Sketchbook review April 2010

Keyframes and designs on paper.

McLaren Dancers redrawn and rescaled A1. Pencil on paper. 2010.

Dance to the Death. Pencil on Paper 2010.



New to Vimeo for 2010. More to come.

Pencil on Paper 2010.

Neg-o-spider. Pencil on paper, digital colour. 2010

Sketchbook work Rhodia. Yellow car 2009. Pencil and watercolour.